Business Law

Campanella Law Office provides all-inclusive transactional business services to their business clientele.

Ms. Campanella has over a decade of proven experience as, not only a business law attorney, but also a business owner.

While there are standard legal needs of all businesses, unique needs arise for various industries during periods of growth and expansion and also during periods of merger, division, acquisition or winding down.

Business Law Services Provided

  • Formation of New Businesses
  • Business Purchase/Sale
  • Commercial Leases of Office/Business Location
  • Employee policies and procedures
  • Employment and Labor Matters
  • Employment and contractor agreements
  • Employee severance, non-solicitation and restrictive covenants
  • Client contracts, service agreements and terms of service
  • Online persona and reputation management
  • Addition/Removal of Members or Shareholders
  • Winding down of businesses upon closure
  • State and Local legal and regulatory compliance
  • General Counsel services
  • Specialty business licensure application and regulatory compliance and counseling