At A Glance: What is a complimentary consultation?

By: Cristina N. Hyde, J.D.

Campanella Law Office is excited to introduce a new blog series called “At A Glance.”  The series will address commonly asked questions that arise within the fields of business law, health care law and real estate law.  With this series, we hope to address frequent general inquiries as they arise, giving our clients a unique glance into the more quotidian side of our practice.

Today, we are going to kick off the series by answering the question “What is a complimentary consultation?”

At the most basic level, a complimentary consultation is an initial, free and confidential meeting between you (the potential client) and our office where we have the opportunity to generally evaluate the situation that caused you to seek legal advice and discuss potential next steps.  A typical consultation lasts for up to one hour.  We are happy to meet in person at any of our office locations or to schedule a telephone conference, depending on your preferences and availability.

During your consultation, you will speak with our principal attorney, Gina L. Campanella.  Depending on the issue at hand, you might also speak with one of our Of Counsel attorneys.  We will introduce ourselves and provide you with background information about us and our practice, including our areas of expertise and our available services.  Once we have completed our introductions you will have ample opportunity to explain the situation that caused you to seek legal support and ask any relevant questions.  Thereafter, we will discuss potential next steps towards resolution and give you a general estimate of the cost associated with handling your matter.  Although our firm believes in being as transparent as possible with regard to our pricing and fees, that transparency includes a frank discussion of the circumstances that might cause your estimate to change.

It is our goal that by the end of your consultation, you will leave with a solid understanding of where you stand with regard to your current legal issue and some potential avenues towards resolution.  It is our hope that you will also have the information you need to determine whether our attorneys and office are a good fit for you and your current legal needs.  Finally, we will follow-up with a written proposal and retainer agreement for your review.  After that, the decision to continue our association is entirely yours.

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