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Employee Rights: Are your posters up-to-date?

By: Cristina N. Hyde, JD

As of the end of next month, employers will have been struggling to keep businesses alive amid the COVID-19 pandemic for two years.  In that time, in addition to constantly evolving health  safety protocols, there have also been a series of legislative developments that suggest a review of notice and posting requirements is due.

Two examples of recent New Jersey legislation that have altered the landscape of employment law include Governor Murphy’s landmark four-bill legislative package addressing worker misclassification and A681 (P.L.2021, c.248) which expanded prohibitions against age discrimination in the workplace.  You can read about each in more detail in our blog posts dated,  July 27, 2021, and December 10, 2021.     Insofar as each of these new laws altered the rights of New Jersey employees, it follows that the information contained in workplace notices and posters must be brought up-to-date.

As a general rule, most employee notification requirements include a mandate that employee rights be conspicuously posted in places that are easily visible to all employees.  Happily, the New Jersey Department of Labor maintains a number of resources to assist employers with compliance; including a comprehensive employer poster packet.  []. Moreover, because the federal legislature has also been busy this year, the United States Department of Labor maintains a similar database along with a FirstStep Poster Advisor tool to assist in determining which notices are required to be posted by a particular business.

Of course, we are also always available to help.  If you would like assistance reviewing your office policies and procedures and ensuring your notices and posters are compliant, Contact Us.

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