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New York
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Use the following link to listen to Episode 35 of the Power of the Purse Podcast featuring our own Gina L. Campanella!

“Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Lynn S. Evans, and I am the host of Power of the Purse Podcast. There was a time in my life not too long ago, when I believed three things about money. First, women are not supposed to talk about or be included in any conversations about money. Number two, women don’t have the natural ability to understand anything about money, and three, men know best how to manage money. Those truths I made up about money guided me for years until I realized money was not a foreign language or some other obscure academic exercise. It was something I could not only understand, but teach to other women.

Too many times, I’ve heard stories from women who ought to know better but didn’t, until they were forced to because of divorce, widowhood, job loss, or the approach of retirement. This podcast will add another chapter to a rich history of successful women who when faced with some personal challenges, found the ability to step beyond them. We’ll examine some of the truths they made up about money from their life experiences and how that shaped the path they chose.

My mission is to help women have a healthy, positive relationship with money. With that in mind, my guest today is attorney Gina Campanella.

Gina is the founder and principal of the Campanella Law Office in New Jersey….”

Click Here for the Full Audio Episode!

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